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Weekly Cancer Horoscope
Saturday, 6 August 2022

cancer Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Horoscope: Instead of reading the words of your prediction, or even the letters, try focusing on the spaces in between - at the gaps. This is a week for reading between the lines. Somewhere, concealed within apparently innocuous events, there are important signs and signals which would be easy to overlook. The effects of nebulous Neptune and mysterious Pluto create intriguing possibilities. As your ruler forms a Supermoon, it brings the insight you need to decipher the indefinable, and create the change you've been dreaming of.

Now...The last Supermoon of 2022 is almost here. Expect the unexpected, the magical, the surprising. People who you thought you knew well, will do things you would never have predicted. Events may take an unexpected turn. Revelations and fresh insights abound. And... just for the Last Supermoon of 2022, 50% Off all Birth Charts, plus a free Personal Profile. (LIMITED OFFER)

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