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Studying Astrology

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Where I Studied Astrology

I studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and completed both the Foundation and Diploma courses. You'll find details of all their correspondence courses by visiting the Faculty of Astrological Studies website at: www.astrology.org.uk

Studying Astrology

Astrology is a fascinating subject and there is a huge astrological community around the world, who would be only too happy to welcome you into their ranks and help you learn more about the art.

My first recommendation would be to take a look at the website of the American based magazine, The Mountain Astrologer. The magazine began in 1987 with just eight typewritten pages and a print run of 100 copies. Now it is one of the most respected global astrological forums and prints 24,000 copies, obtaining 40,000 readers each month. This magazine carries comprehensive listings for astrological courses, seminars, meetings etc., taking place around the world each month.

Contributors to the magazine include some of the most well respected names in the astrological 'community', including Rob Hand, Erin Sullivan and Deborah Houlding.

The website is:  www.mountainastrologer.com

Subscriptions and back issues (including one on astrological courses) can be obtained by calling:

In the UK: 01202 424695

In the USA: (800) 287-4828

In Australia/New Zealand:  1 800 626 402

In South Africa: 21 852 4728


Another excellent resource is Dermod Moore's www.astrologer.com site. At this site you can find information of software, charts, astrological associations and a comprehensive directory listing all things astrological using a refined search system - The Metalog Directory.

Finally if you wish to study astrology to a professional level, you should contact the main astrological body in your country.

In the UK: The Faculty of Astrological Studies www.astrology.org.uk or FAS on 07000 790143

In the USA:  National Council for Geocosmic Research or NCGR. 818 761 6433 www.geocosmic.org

In Australia: the Federation of Australian Astrologers or FAA on 61 3 5261 6293 www.faainc.org.au
I wish you much enjoyment and success in your studies

Books I have written:

New and second hand copies are available from Amazon.

‘Jonathan Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac’ published by Piatkus

‘Cosmic Ordering’ published by Collins

Complete Book of Zodiac’ published by Sterling Publishing Company

‘The Psychic Explorer’ which I wrote with Carl Ryder published by Piatkus

No longer in print because they were written in the ‘80s, you can find second hand copies on Amazon:

‘Love Signs’ and ‘The Junk Food Vegetarian’.

Recommended astrological reading:

If you wish to only ever purchase one book on the subject of astrology, the one that I would recommend that you buy, read and treasure is:
‘The Sleepwalkers’ by Arthur Koestler

My suggested astrological reading list:
Reference Books:
‘Book of World Horoscopes’ by Nick Campion
‘The Revised Waites Compendium of Natal Astrology’ by Alan Candlish
‘The Round Art’ by A T Mann

‘Sun Sign, Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey
‘Principles of Astrology’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey
‘Astrology’ by Ron Davison
‘Parker's Astrology’ by Derek & Julia Parker
‘The Practical Astrologer’ by Nick Campion
‘Jonathan Cainer's Guide to the Zodiac’ by Jonathan Cainer


Next steps:
‘Complete Astrology’ by Alan Oken

Psychological Astrology:
‘Saturn’ by Liz Greene
‘Relating’ by Liz Greene

‘Working with Astrology’ by Mike Harding & Charles Harvey

‘How to Handle your Human Relations’ by Lois Haines Sargent
‘Relationships and Life Cycles’ by Stephen Arroyo

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