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This weekend's Eclipse is unusual. Normally, the path of totality moves from East to West but, due to its proximity to the South Pole, as any cosmologically minded penguins will notice, this one moves in reverse. Yet we don't need feathery tuxedos to have something to squawk about. And we needn't worry about having to back-pedal either. A sense of adventure and purpose takes hold this week. If we can be pragmatic too, there's no telling how far we can go under this encouraging astrological climate.

As human beings, we too often look to the outside world to make us happy. And, it's true, we need food, water, shelter to live. But, perhaps, looking for light at the end of the tunnel, we distract ourselves from looking for our own inner light, the one that shines regardless of the weather. Find that inner light in your 2022 'Guide to the Future'. (runs from right now until the end of next year)

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