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Capricorn, Year Ahead 2022

capricorn Zodiac Sign

2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

Your forward-looking nature and powerful imagination unite in a dream-come-true combination this year. With your ruler, Saturn, still in Aquarius all year, an open-minded attitude brings innovation, matched with a pragmatic approach. The celestial combination encourages collaboration, so you can create positive change in others. As you build a better future, you will inspire loyalty and love.

In April, as Mars converges with Saturn, passion and creativity will be in full flow, creating momentum where progress was slow. Enhanced intuition will even help you enjoy the ups and downs, as you easily turn aspiration into achievement. Success will come if you allow people to see your sensitive side. When you show your vulnerability you're at your most attractive.

Saturn turns retrograde in June, bringing opportunities to review priorities. You'll find deeper appreciation of your closest relationships, strengthening alliances built on mutual respect. Inspired visions will be shared with someone special.

In October, when Saturn moves forwards on the same day the Sun and Venus change signs, you'll be rewarded for your efforts. You've created stronger emotional bonds, so when it's time to celebrate, there are plenty of people to share fun with. The more you believe in your ability to 'connect', the brighter your future.

Luck and Money

When it comes to money, 2022 is a tale of two halves. At first you'll be surprised by how natural it feels to get what you want, and receive what's owed, just by playing nice. Later on, Mars' movement suggests you'll need to start fighting your corner. Fortunately, with your ruler, Saturn, still in innovative Aquarius, you'll have the energy and determination to make both approaches financially rewarding.

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