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New Moon in Aries
Mon, 8th Apr

by Jemima Cainer

Moon Phases -
Full 23rd Apr in Scorpio
New 8th May in Taurus
Full 23rd May in Sagittarius
Aries New Moons are always symbolic of new beginnings. This one with the positive power of a solar Eclipse, is also heralding unexpected opportunities, and groundbreaking fresh starts which heal old wounds.

The pioneering spirit of Aries is infusing this celestial starting point with the enthusiasm for getting things going, for taking action and following our impulses. What we feel passionate about, whether angry or joyful or both, is being highlighted now. Flames of excitement are in the air, sparked by the fire of Aries, fuelled by an electrically charged upcoming conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and fanned by the force of Pluto at 1 degree of Air sign Aquarius. Inevitable transformation is here - NOW.

In exact conjunction with the Sun and Moon, at 19 degrees of Aries is Chiron. This is highlighting precisely where we have been wounded. The exactitude of the cut may feel acutely painful. But Chiron in this sign is showing us that there is a great power in that pain. It is ours to feel. We can own our hurt and choose to heal.

We are unable to separate this wounding from the new beginnings we are forging but Chiron's power comes from transforming the deepest of wounds into healing. In Aries, joined with both luminaries, this is encouraging. Physically, emotionally and spiritually we are aligning to our purpose to create positive change. Drawing out the truth of where we are vulnerable and exposing it to the light is a powerful experience in itself. Here we are being shown how to choose what is right for us.

Spiritual pain is being granted transformation under the power of this new Moon, regeneration of wounded energy to instead fertilise new hopes and dreams.

New consciousness, pushed into being by the power of this eclipse brings the wisdom of innocent idealism and experience of the reality of fighting the good fight.

Old wounds are being brought to the fire and powerful Aries, free from the history of hurt, shows us how to take this pain and to transform it into good. To use it for fuel for our own passions and for our creative power.

The New Moon in Aries demands that we leap into the light. Consequences will come but we can cope. Being brave enough to stand up for what is right, to advocate with honesty and to start a new beginning is not an ask but a demand now.

Another turn of the Zodiac, shows us that nothing stays the same, and nor would we want it to. The power of this event is unmistakeable. Time to see where we wish to go and to jump into the driving seat. Major shake ups and changes are inevitable now, and Jupiter and Uranus are stirring a hunger for these shifts.

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