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Sat, 03 Dec 2016

Your Week Ahead: They tell us that love makes the world go around. It is, they say, the driving force behind all of nature. It's easy to see that in a blossoming flower or a babbling brook, but how about a hurricane? Is an eruption of wild weather also a manifestation of the ultimately benign nature of the universe? You find yourself, this week, dealing with factors that seem to make little sense. Some may seem deeply unfair. But, as Venus moves into your opposite sign, you still have the option to be motivated by love and kindness.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Have you noticed an increase of drama in your world? Could you describe parts of your emotional life as a fast-paced thriller? An action movie, full of exciting, perhaps even dangerous scenes? It's time to introduce a new character. This person is a negotiator - someone who brings a sense of calm, unity and peace into a fraught situation. And, if your celestial directors have their way with the storyline, there's a romantic twist to the plot too. If you find the action slowing this week, it's just setting the scene for an emotional encounter.

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