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Sat, 06 Feb 2016

Your Week Ahead: Will you put yourself too far out on a limb this week? Will you take too much of a risk? I am only asking questions. I am not making predictions. I can't. I can only tell you that the cosmos now offers you an opportunity to be adventurous, even mischievous. You must decide for yourself, whether to indulge or suppress this. I'm not issuing any warnings. I shall leave it to my more cautious colleagues to speak in nannying tones. I just want to remind you of an apposite old saying: 'Nothing ventured... nothing gained!'

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: In the world of interpersonal relationships, a little means a lot. The most delicate gestures take on significance. A tone of voice conveys far more than any casual listener might expect. We read so much into each other's remarks. We assess them with hope when we don't know someone so well, and with something a little closer to dread when we know only too well what that raised eyebrow most likely implies. You aren't over-exaggerating the encouraging sign you are starting to see this week. It truly is hopeful!

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