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Sat, 24 Sep 2016

Your Week Ahead: In the courts of ancient rulers, wise advisors helped reach the best decisions. Invariably, amongst this lofty community, there would be a 'fool'. The job of the jester was to say what nobody else dared to say. Sometimes, they would just be funny. Sometimes, their humour would convey an understanding that all those other bright minds had managed to miss. A good sense of humour is like a good sense of intuition. Priceless. As your ruler, the Sun, conjuncts the king of the zodiac, Jupiter, it's important you value yours this week.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It's time to put some of that famous creative energy of yours to work in your everyday life. Sometimes we save our best for a rainy day. We feel pressurised into keeping fuel in reserve, just in case we meet a steep hill that needs climbing, or the need to burst into dramatic action. Yet, this week, the universe encourages you to 'leave it all out on the field' and inject drive and passion into the most mundane experiences. Following this initiative could have profound effects. You'll exhibit a dynamism that few can compete with... and fewer still will fail to be impressed by. It can be the start of something big.

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