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Sat, 21 May 2016

Your Week Ahead: We always hope that things will improve. We know, somehow, that the moment we begin to expect deterioration, we will inevitably find ever more proof of this phenomenon in action. Both optimism and pessimism create self-fulfilling prophecies - yet it is hard to look on the bright side after an experience that has brought some disappointment. You aren't sure, this week, what to make of the circumstances you face. You would like to feel hopeful but you feel you have a duty to be realistic. Actually, though, to be realistic now is to be optimistic!

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Do we all have secret admirers who gaze on in awe from afar? We do if we are Leos. There are some astrologers who suspect that if the rest of the world isn't getting its fair share of adulation, it is because people born under your sign are attracting all the attention! You, though, have lately begun to suspect you might do better with less of the wrong sort of attention. Look, this week, at what signals you may be sending out. You have more control than you think over who (and what) you attract into your life.

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