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Sat, 13 Dec 2014

Your Week Ahead: We live on a tiny ball of rock that is spinning in space. The space in which it spins goes on for ever - in all directions. And for all time. Time is infinite. So is space. Human beings are not infinite. We begin. Then we end. Our brains are not capable of comprehending the infinite - so, instead, we ignore it. Unless of course, we happen to be scientists - in which case we make up nonsensical theories about the 'big bang'. But what came before that, eh? Remember this week, in a world of infinite possibilities, anything is always possible!

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You are locked-on to your target like a laser. Your sights are fixed into position. You feel sure of what needs to happen in your emotional life. Is that wise? Life is always easier and more enjoyable when there's room to manoeuvre. But right now, it can't be avoided. You have an objective. A destination. An intention. You don't want to be swayed, regardless of how difficult things could get... or how many alternatives you could consider instead. Are your reasons wise and valid? Then just do what you need to. You will succeed.

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