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Sat, 30 Apr 2016


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Even if you live in a place from where the rare transit of Mercury on May 9 can be seen, you shouldn't look at it without wearing special eclipse glasses. To watch the Sun, even briefly, is to risk damaging the eye. Though Mercury's passage across the solar disc will be most impressive, it won't afford shade for the viewer because it will only appear as a tiny black dot. Happily, we won't need to witness this phenomenon in order to reap the benefit. No matter what sign you are, this month creates the potential for vastly improved communication.

(My article about the five retrograde planets will now appear next week... blame Mercury Retrograde!)

One of the planets that is about to go retrograde is Mercury! And Mercury is also about to make a spectacular Transit of the Sun. Your Guide To The Future includes a special section about the Transit of Mercury and how it affects you - and your 'Personal Profile' has fascinating information about the position Mercury occupied on the day you were born and how you can take full advantage of it. Get a 20% DISCOUNT off either of these reports here!

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