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Tue, 31 May 2016


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This is the daily space where, as Jonathan did, I will help steer you through the astrological climate which informs your daily readings. It will also be a place where I will share your letters and questions and respond to some of the key issues facing us all. As ever, Jonathan remains my constant guide. I will use his interpretations and the skills he taught me to create an accurate forecast for every sign of the zodiac. Tomorrow, at the start of the new month, I'll tell you about the cosmic gifts that June holds in store for us.

Jonathan's Personal Horoscope Birth-Charts contain the distilled wisdom of 30 years of astrological interpretation. His insight and compassion shine through in every word. He said that they 'were as close as you could get to a one-to-one reading' with him. Be amazed and be inspired... download your personal horoscope chart now, for a short time, at a very special price.

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