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Thu, 07 May 2015


Click here to see a larger picture. Dark Matter
Dear Jonathan,
Scientists won't be able to find out what Dark Matter is, because Dark Matter moves throughout the universe, surrounding everything, touching everything, like a spirit. That is why the ancients wrote so much about a Holy Spirit watching over us all. When we die, our spirits join with the spirits of all who have gone before. I am 71 and not given to silly nonsense. I believe with all my heart this is true. Carol

Dear Carol,
I am 57 and have dedicated my whole life to what some would call silly nonsense! But I do agree.

In the olden days, to get a horoscope calculated for your exact date and time of birth, you had to be a member of the royal family. Only court astrologers cast birth charts. Now, we can all be kings and queens. A full, personal birth chart can't just tell you more about what (and who) you were born to be... it can list, in deeply valuable detail, every major challenge and opportunity that lies ahead for you over the next few months. If you're wrestling with a tricky choice - or if you want to make more of your potential. Click here!.

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