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April 8 2024 to April 14 2024

Monday April 8

Trail of Fire Eclipse

The Trail of Fire is reaching its conclusion. Today, from the Cook Islands to Cornwall, a Solar Eclipse shadow sweeps across the globe. And with the peak of its visibility crossing the path of 2023's American Eclipse, this new event is part of a cosmic story that started last year. The last six months highlighted relationships, bringing awareness to power dynamics and inequalities. Now, with retrograde Mercury close to the Sun, that insight can be used to redress imbalances in ways that honour our own needs and desires.

Tuesday April 9

Resilience in the Air

As we move from the Trail of Fire towards Mars and Saturn's rendezvous in Pisces, resilience is in the air. Where we've taken easy options or chosen paths of least resistance, it's a chance to do things differently. Opportunities come in all sorts of different guises. And challenges can knock everyone; from members of the royal family to the likes of us off our stride. But even if change seems scary, the inner strength it inspires will fortify our resolve to enjoy aspects of our life that bring love and joy.

Wednesday April 10

Invitation to Action

As power planet Mars and resilient Saturn converge, it's decisive action time. In areas of life where we've been waiting for something to happen, there'll be movement. But this cosmic call comes with a degree of restraint. The action planets are meeting in sensitive Pisces, so this is a gentle invitation. By bringing past experience and recent learning into our decisions, we can ensure we take steps in a positive direction. Then, determination and strength can drive us further still.

Thursday April 11

Grand National

The Grand National horse races begin today and I'm tempted to have a flutter. I might put a small bet on the animal whose name most matches current astrological events. With speedy Mars linking with restrained Saturn in Pisces, maybe 'Meetingofthewaters' is the one! Whatever we do today, retrograde Mercury's impending link with the Sun asks us to question the logic of 'sure things'.

Friday April 12

Space Flight

Today is the International Day of Human Space Flight, but you won't find me queuing with Branson and Bezos to tour the stars. There are still plenty of beautiful things to discover down here - where there's air to breathe and ground to stand on! Sometimes, what looks like brave action is ignorance of risk. And as the Sun and retrograde Mercury converge, rather than making over-enthusiastic decisions, by taking time to reflect, we can make choices that lead to positive developments down here on our own planet.

Saturday April 13

Your Weekly Horoscope

This week offers perfect opportunities to take stock of our achievements. With the Sun entering Taurus, and enthusiastic Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus converging next weekend, positive, necessary change is in the zeitgeist. To take advantage of the opportunities ahead we need to be clear about what we value and where our goals lie. By appreciating the resources we've already created, and by being prepared to seek innovative solutions to our problems, this can be transformation time.

Sunday April 14

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope

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