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February 6 2023 to February 12 2023

Monday February 6

The Grammys

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There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. But should we be making winners and losers out of creators and artists? Today, as the results of the Grammys are announced and prizes are awarded to the world's biggest selling musicians, let's not forget that these are industry awards for commercial sales, and that a little golden gramophone can't be the only barometer by which we judge success. Following the link of Venus to Mars there'll be more meaningful ways to measure achievement.

Tuesday February 7


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In the Disney movie, Pinocchio's nose grows with every lie he tells. But there's a difference between deliberately concealing information and being economical with the truth. Today, with Mercury (intellect) and dreamy Neptune forming the final alliance of their recent relationship, diplomacy is key. Not every illusion can be dispelled. And sometimes, belief in an impossible aspiration helps further ambition. Today, the fewer facts that stand in the way of a good story, the happier its ending will be.

Wednesday February 8


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Yesterday we talked about how it's sometimes better to be diplomatic than confront the truth. That doesn't mean manipulating facts or twisting agendas - it's about being receptive to alternative interpretations when challenging them brings little benefit. Today, as Venus moves from its tricky Pluto alignment to an encouraging link with Uranus, we're encouraged to express hidden feelings. When innermost thoughts are shared with kindness, the greater the chance of them being heard and appreciated.

Thursday February 9

Singing Telegrams

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Tomorrow is the 90th anniversary of the first singing telegram. It shows that ever since we've been able to send long-distance messages, there's been a desire to communicate in quirky, amusing and irritating ways! We all know someone who'd rather emoji than genuinely emote. But as Mercury prepares to leave the shadow of its retrogradation, its links with Saturn and Mars ask us to get serious and share important issues. As long as we speak from the heart key messages will be understood.

Friday February 10


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Sometimes we fret about things we know need to happen. We put them off rather than getting on with them. But, by subjecting ourselves to needless worry in anticipation, rather than fronting up and taking control, we end up suffering twice as much! As Mercury leaves its shadow to converge with Pluto, fears that limit our ability to think about the future can be confronted. Once brought into the light they won't loom so large. And, as Mercury enters Aquarius this weekend, the truth we discover can set us free.

Saturday February 11

Your Weekly Horoscope

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It's good news, as we head towards Valentine's Day. As Mercury (intellect) enters free-thinking Aquarius, innovative ideas bring positive surprises; and, with Venus (love and luxury) converging with dreamy Neptune, romance is in the air. Add the Sun/Saturn link and we have the insight to make relationships last. Rihanna, who performs at this weekend's Super Bowl won't be the only one putting on a great show. We can all find ways to shine brightly... and be applauded for being who we are.

Sunday February 12

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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