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December 25 2023 to December 31 2023

Monday December 25

Christmas Dreams

What are the chances of us experiencing peace and goodwill over the festive season? Well, although retrograde Mercury's arrival in Sagittarius suggests messages will be misconstrued, as Venus (love and pleasure) harmonises with dreamy Neptune today, the overall mood is of tenderness and understanding. And with the approaching Full Moon encouraging us to speak from the heart, miscommunications can be easily sorted. So, there's every chance this year's celebrations will be special. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday December 26

Boxing Day

According to tradition, Boxing Day was a day for charitable acts (rather than finding bargains in the sales). So, it's appropriate that the Full Moon encourages us to focus on nurturing our innermost qualities (rather than making material gains). As it forms a cosmic cradle with Jupiter and Saturn it emphasises our emotional needs and highlights ways to make progress (whilst cutting back on excessive behaviour). And if that means taking positive steps for ourselves, that will be easier, and more satisfying than it sounds.

Wednesday December 27

The Last Present.

I always try to hold back from giving my son all his presents on Christmas Day morning. The anticipation helps to keep the magic going. Revealing the final gift, when everyone's starting to flag, also reboots the atmosphere. Today, the Cancerian Full Moon forms a cosmic cradle with Jupiter and Saturn. That's the astrological equivalent of a late Christmas surprise. It not only gifts us with an emotional boost. It ensures that the feelings of love we receive over the festive season will sustain us, long into the New Year.

Thursday December 28

Where Fools Rush In

As retrograde Mercury converges with Mars it breathes new life into the phrase 'only fools rush in where angels fear to tread'. The sharp angle these planets form with Neptune urges us to act with caution and sensitivity. Yet just because it's better to look before leaping doesn't mean we can't take action. This is a perfect time to reassess our progress over the last year, and consider our options. There's inspiration in the air. And by allowing ideas to permeate, they stand a much greater chance of being successful.

Friday December 29

Affairs of the Heart

As we enter the final weekend of 2023, we can feel positive about the year ahead. Jupiter (luck and opportunity) is moving forwards again in Taurus (ruled by Venus), just as Venus begins exploring Sagittarius (which is ruled by Jupiter). These twinned adventures create an environment in which we can manifest more of what value, especially in matters regarding relationships and affairs of the heart. We might not be materially richer on New Year's Eve. But the promise of rich emotions should inspire us to be hopeful.

Saturday December 30

Your January Monthly Horoscope

January starts with a sparkle of energy and enthusiasm. As Jupiter moves forwards and links with passionate Mars, they send out a far-reaching wave of optimism. And with both planets grounded by stable Saturn, these new feelings of hope and excitement are more than just a flash in the pan: they will have meaningful, lasting impact. As the month progresses, and Mercury and Uranus change direction and join all the planets moving forwards, we can start taking giant strides towards a better future.

Sunday December 31

Jupiter's Abundance

Happy New Year's Eve! As the year rolls over, thoughts can't help but turn to the trials and triumphs we've experienced over the past 12 months. With both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus and Pluto changing signs there have been times when things have been positively seismic! And with Pluto continuing this transition while Jupiter and Uranus finally meet up in 2024, things are still in the process of being shaken up. Fortunately, the last year has been laying the groundwork for us to be stirred into action rather than left shaken. So as Jupiter changes direction tonight to begin marching forwards once again, fireworks and festivities won't just be acknowledging our successful survival of a challenging year. With the Celestial Archer on the horizon and Jupiter's influence building strength and boosting confidence, we can also begin celebrating the change and opportunity that 2024 will bring.

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