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September 25 2023 to October 1 2023

Monday September 25


The ongoing connection between Mercury (communication) and expansive Jupiter encourages us to share ideas we carry close to our hearts. Of course, there's never a sure-fire guarantee that our words will be heard and acted on. But self-expression, in itself, is powerful. Even if the results aren't apparent, shifts occur when we speak our truth. By expressing our hopes and concerns, we share our needs and values while being open to other peoples' responses. And that can only be good.

Tuesday September 26

Serena's Birthday

Happy Birthday Serena Williams! She deserves to celebrate, and be celebrated in style. Not only did she and her sister change women's tennis, her cultural impact leaves an enduring legacy. And I'm not just talking about her fashion line. She uses her success to highlight issues of race and inequality. Yesterday, we talked about the power of self-expression. Meaningful conversations don't need to be competitive contests. With the Sun in Libra, it's by engaging in long exchanges that victorious outcomes can be won.

Wednesday September 27

Financial Surprise!

As Venus and Uranus prepare to make a tense alignment, there are financial surprises in store. Unless you're one of the (many) ageing popstars who are currently enjoying a resurgence, the words 'surprise' and 'financial' can be worrisome! But this is a breakthrough, rather than a breakdown. The Full Moon helps us focus on the aspects of our life that hold potential happiness and satisfaction (as opposed to what we think we should have). And we don't need to be centre stage to achieve success.

Thursday September 28

Confucius Moon

The philosopher Confucius wrote: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Since he was so wise, we can only assume he did quite a lot of 'doing'! As the Full Moon approaches, there's something to be said for jumping in the deep end and learning on the job. Its arrival in Aries suggests we'll tend to rush into new experiences rather than thinking things through. As long as key decisions aren't based on emotional overreactions, whatever we 'do', will lead to success.

Friday September 29

Bold Hearts

With the Moon Full in Aries, and Venus linking with innovative Uranus, surprise is on the agenda. Be prepared for unexpected developments (particularly involving relationships). With Mercury breaking new ground this weekend, we find ourselves expressing feelings and spicing things up. The biggest shocks are more likely to come from discovering just how brave we're capable of being! Self-confidence isn't misplaced. The bolder our hearts are now, the richer the emotional rewards.

Saturday September 30

Your October Monthly Horoscope

The Eclipses of the Americas begin in trailblazing style, in October. The first lays a path which, in 2024, will be crossed by a second. But while their trajectories meet over Texas, it's not only residents of the Lone Star State who are affected by our lone star's disappearance behind the Moon. This is an omen of positive change. It inspires us to become 'difference-makers' in our lives and relationships. Since individual acts of generosity create glows of positivity, kind-heartedness can light up the world.

Sunday October 1

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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