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September 18 2023 to September 24 2023

Monday September 18

Venus and Jupiter Align

Venus and Jupiter have just aligned for the third time in four months. That's the planet of money and value linking with the zodiac's bastion of justice and generosity just in time for today's International Equal Pay day! So, even if our current situation remains less-than-perfect, there are reasons to be hopeful. Jupiter's appetite for growth, plus Venus' instinct for kindness, suggest things are moving in the right direction. The more optimistic we feel about the future, the more joyful we can make it.

Tuesday September 19

Right to Vote

130 years ago today, New Zealand granted women the right to vote. But maybe 'grant' isn't the right word. It suggests that this fundamental right was graciously gifted (instead of being the overdue correction of an unfair imbalance). Today, as the Sun moves opposite Neptune, it's time to question where power and control are used to keep things running smoothly (yet failing to take everyone's needs into consideration). Sometimes admitting to mistakes can be a catalyst for empowering change.

Wednesday September 20

President Lula

The UN general assembly opened with a speech from Brazilian President Lula. But it's not only politicians who can make impressive returns to the public eye. And with the Grand Trine (involving Neptune) highlighting the fact that inspiration (rather than aggression) provides the most effective leadership, we all have opportunities to move on from past difficulties. With cooperative, forgiving attitudes, we can find creative ways to work towards resolving our most challenging problems. Hope is in the air.

Thursday September 21

Energy Horror

As a teenager I enjoyed horror writers like Stephen King (who turns 76 today). These days I only have to look at the cost of my energy bills to get a fright! But while our fears motivate us to work hard (to avoid less-than-desirable outcomes) they also prevent us from leaving our comfort zones and embarking on adventures. The Sun-Pluto link helps us change unhelpful patterns and routines. By being self-aware, and true to ourselves, we can find inspiring ways forwards that bring joy and security.

Friday September 22

Equinox Weekend

This weekend brings the Equinox, a turning point in the year. As the length of the days change, attitudes begin to shift. The midway point of the Sun's journey highlights a need to find balance and perspective. Although this involves listening to other people's opinions, it's also a call to focus on our inner voices. Instead of being stuck between desires and obligations, we can give ourselves permission to do what we want and need to do. Because when we meet our own needs, everyone benefits.

Saturday September 23

Your Weekly Horoscope

The Equinox marks a tipping point. Not only does it encourage us to appreciate how far we've come, and quantify what we want to accomplish over the rest of the year, but, as the Sun enters Libra while Venus continues to explore Leo, a 'mutual reception' takes place. With each planet visiting the other's celestial home, we can harness different aspects of our creativity. Our past experience enables us to maximise new opportunities. And with the Aries Full Moon, we might be surprised by the possibilities coming our way.

Sunday September 24

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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