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August 28 2023 to September 3 2023

Monday August 28

Mark vs Elon

Most people don't challenge their rivals to cage fights to demonstrate their power! There are less extreme ways to express strength. And the most meaningful involve facing our own fears. And gently challenging ourselves to move beyond them. Following its arrival in Libra, power plant Mars links with Jupiter and encourages us to prove our worth. It's by being authentic and honouring ourselves (and others) that true power is demonstrated. Then, we can build connections that stand the test of time.

Tuesday August 29


26 years ago today, streaming giant Netflix began renting DVDs online. Having grown up paying late fines to Blockbuster Video, I appreciate being able to watch movies at home without having to worry about taking them back! Today, as Uranus turns retrograde, it's a chance to evaluate recent progress and appreciate change. The coming Super Blue Moon highlights the positives and the negatives. We can work out what's worth keeping, and 'return' anything that's not going to improve our lives.

Wednesday August 30

Super Blue Moon

Life rarely delivers prepackaged, fully-formed gifts. Our best creations and greatest successes are often cobbled together from various ideas and plans that didn't quite work first time round. With sparky Uranus now retrograde, this kind of Frankenstein-style approach can create opportunities (rather than monsters)! The Super Blue Moon highlights what's working, what's not, and where we can strip unnecessary details out of the equation. With innovative thinking, we can realise big dreams.

Thursday August 31

Innovate or...

The Super Blue Moon highlights themes of innovation. This is a chance to redefine goals and focus on honing the skills to bring dreams into reality. With Uranus, the avatar of change, playing a major role in the celestial mix, it might be tempting to see this as an invitation to scientifically assess and cold-heartedly jettison anything that doesn't suit our purposes. Yet the Lunar effect suggests this is a healing process. By assessing and letting go of what's not working, we can build a better world.

Friday September 1

Molehills out of Mountains

'Mountains appear more lofty the nearer they're approached, but great men resemble them not in this particular'. This well-observed remark was made by an Irish countess over 200 years ago. And although the Super Blue Moon dominated last night's skies, its effects won't be as long-reaching as another (less observable) event. The legacy of the first of Jupiter's alignments with Saturn enables us to creatively work out ways to do more with less. And spot mountains that are nothing but molehills!

Saturday September 2

Your September Monthly Horoscope

Love is in the air this month! With Venus turning direct and (later in September) forming a positive link with the Equinox Sun, our task is to find ways to engage with the cosmic energy and maximise its potential. How? By nurturing environments for love to grow. Clearly communicating our heartfelt desires, and being prepared to compromise, are good ways to start. With honesty and consideration we can breath new life into existing connections... and open ourselves to positive new relationships too.

Sunday September 3

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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