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August 14 2023 to August 20 2023

Monday August 14

Old Flames

There's something very romantic about rekindling old flames. Whether it's comedian Katherine Ryan reuniting with her childhood sweetheart, or Mila Kunis marrying Ashton Kutcher (who played her teenage boyfriend in her breakthrough role), the second bite of the cherry is often sweeter. The legacy of the retrograde Venus-Sun link suggests we can rediscover how much we care about someone from the past. A glance backwards might just reveal a love that has been waiting in the wings.

Tuesday August 15

Moon Chant

Yesterday we talked about the second bite of the cherry being better than the first. Today is 'Chant At The Moon Day' - which encourages people to celebrate the Moon while harvesting and enjoying 'Moon cherries'. These super-sweet fruits grow at high altitude and are named for their proximity to the Lunar orb. As dark skies herald the New Moon's approach, we can focus our energy into similarly sweet endeavours. By following our hearts, we can encourage shared fruitfulness in our lives.

Wednesday August 16


Happy birthday Madonna! Astrologically, it's the perfect day to celebrate the Queen of Pop's 65th birthday. Known for switching styles to reflect the times, she has always been able to redesign and renew while remaining true to herself. As the New Moon arrives linked with innovative Uranus, the cosmos encourages creative change. It's time to look at habits and routines and reassess their relevance. If we access our inner rebels, we can all find ways to 'get into the groove'.

Thursday August 17

Pulitzer Prized

When Joe Pulitzer made a donation to Columbia University, a prize, in his name, was created in recognition of outstanding contributions to journalism, literature and musical composition. I doubt many astrologers get nominated! While being recognised for creative work is an honour and privilege, chasing glitz and glamour never brings true satisfaction. As the Sun prepares to link with creative Neptune and mysterious Pluto, following inner truths brings fulfillment that's worth writing about.

Friday August 18

Hidden Talents

Like actors who find themselves pigeon-holed into certain kinds of roles, there are times when we all need to confound expectations and change the script we're following. This weekend, as a Finger of Fate forms with the Sun, hidden talents can emerge. It's a chance to access potential that has been waiting to be discovered. By questioning our personal storylines, we can access our inner creative directors and find new ways to express ourselves that bring recognition and respect.

Saturday August 19

Your Weekly Horoscope

In an ideal world we'd all be blossoming like flowers. Yet pretty and perfumed though blooms might be, we can't neglect our roots. They're crooked, and concealed, but they provide us with the nutrients we need to flourish. This week, as passionate Mars opposes dreamy Neptune, it's time to dig deep and reveal our innermost feelings. By focusing on details we can create dreams for the future. This work might not be enticing or glamorous, but it creates the foundation from where new life and love grow.

Sunday August 20

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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