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August 7 2023 to August 13 2023

Monday August 7

Radio Star

When Sony began selling radios today back in 1955, I wonder if its execs had a vision of it becoming the technology giant it is today? Its success, in a rapidly growing electronics market, was probably due to a combination of fortuitous timing, innovative ideas and skill. Luck, on its own, is rarely enough to guarantee success. There's always an element of risk involved: plus belief, and inspired decision-making. As the Sun and Jupiter's alignment perfects today, it's a perfect day to dream big.

Tuesday August 8

Luxury Items

The presence of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in Taurus, affects our personal resources. As the sign of the bull represents wealth and prosperity, there's potential for increasing assets. But Jupiter isn't the only planet influencing our finances. With Venus (luxury) in retrograde motion, it's an ideal time to reassess values and take action that will manifest more of what we really need. As it links with inventive Uranus tomorrow, with creativity we can profit from unlikely scenarios.

Wednesday August 9

Small Gestures

The most romantic gesture don't need to involve ostentatious bouquets of flowers or diamond rings with more carats than a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Small, unexpected acts of kindness can have the biggest impact. With just simple gestures, we can demonstrate that despite all life's distractions, we care about the emotional states of the people around us. Today, as retrograde Venus links with innovative Uranus, subtle communications of love will be valued, and returned with gusto.

Thursday August 10

Kylie Jenner

We live in a crazy social media world where Instagram influencers can generate fame and fortune. But notoriety isn't a guarantee of financial prosperity. That's why reality star Kylie Jenner's transition into a successful businesswoman is impressive. Today's link between Mercury (ideas) and Jupiter (knowledge and wisdom) encourages us to have more faith in our ideas, and take action to bring them into being. It might take more than an Instagram post! But good communication is key.

Friday August 11

Love is in the Air

As the Sun and Venus converge this weekend, love is in the air. No matter the weather, the cosmic rays of hope are heart-warming. And there's one connection that deserves special attention: that's our relationship with ourselves. With the planet of love in retrograde motion, the more we value our unique light, the brighter we can shine and dazzle those around us. It's the perfect moment to nurture creative sparks and find ways to enjoy ourselves. Opportunities to build connections based on love abound.

Saturday August 12

Your Weekly Horoscope

This week's New Moon highlights issues that have been too meekly accepted and reveals where change isn't just possible, but necessary. Add the Grand Trine involving innovative Uranus, and our inner rebels are being activated. Fighting a corner doesn't have to involve making enemies. And creatively pursuing alternative action will win new admirers. It's time to stand up for what we believe. This week, saying 'no' can be a sign of great strength and achieve positive results.

Sunday August 13

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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