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July 24 2023 to July 30 2023

Monday July 24

Giant J-Lo

It's great that J-Lo (who turns 54 today) is back taking starring roles in movies. That said, I'm not so keen on seeing giant posters of her advertising lingerie when I'm walking through Oxford Circus station with my 9-year-old. Hey-ho, at least I can make 'boob-tube' puns! We don't have to enjoy every aspect of a situation to recognise its overall positive impact. With Venus moving retrograde following Jupiter and Neptune's alignment, there's more to love than meets the eye.

Tuesday July 25

$ Dylan

With Bob Dylan selling his song catalogue for $200m, it's hard to imagine a time when he wasn't a musical institution. Yet 58 years ago today festival-goers booed him for using an electric guitar. Back then going against the groove of folk orthodoxy was risky. But the changes so unappreciated by purists are part of the evolutionary process. Not everyone will appreciate the effects of the recent Mercury/Uranus link. But those who 'get' the idea will love the developments it has kick-started.

Wednesday July 26

Mick Jagger

I hope I've got as much energy as Mick Jagger when I turn 80. Maybe it's because his band is named after an object that remains moss-free (thanks to its perpetual motion) that he's still got his zest for life! With the time I spend in front of a screen, I'm in danger of gathering dust, moss and all sorts of other less-than-healthy attributes! And maybe too, it's because he loves what he does. Tomorrow's Mercury/Venus links suggest we'll get satisfaction from expressing our creative side.

Thursday July 27

Bagpipe Appreciation

A few years ago I was in Edinburgh watching tourists being entertained by a bagpiper. A local turned to me and said 'you'd think they'd be scared!' I think he was referring to the fact that these instruments, which historically accompanied Scottish fighters into battle, were attracting invaders, rather than repelling them! On 'Bagpipe Appreciation Day', as Mercury (communication) prepares to link with Venus (pleasure) we can put old things to new use. Courage and creativity are a winning combination.

Friday July 28

Home to Virgo

As Mercury comes home to Virgo it's back to business: five earth planets are encouraging us to think practically and plan productively. Does this mean we're in for a weekend of reading the small print and checking our sums? Not necessarily. While the devil might lie in the details, there are treasures there too. And as Venus reforms its Finger of Fate ahead of the Supermoon, pleasure and prosperity are waiting to be discovered. A closer look will reveal something to love in piles too easily discarded.

Saturday July 29

Your August Monthly Horoscope

August kicks off with a Full Moon and ends with a Blue Moon. It's as if the cosmos is sending visible signs of encouragement and hope. It's a month where inspired visions can be acted on and positive lifestyle changes can be implemented. Action takes precedence over theory. With dynamic Mars in intelligent, caring Virgo, productivity levels are high. If we focus our enthusiasm on helping others, this energy can instigate improvements that bring more peace and love into the world. The times they are a-changing!

Sunday July 30

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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