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June 12 2023 to June 18 2023

Monday June 12

A Sense of Purpose

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Even the fastest horse won't win the race if the jockey loses focus. To be effective, strength needs to have purpose and a sense of direction needs to be aligned with a will to go the distance. As Mercury (intellect) aligns proactively with dynamic Mars, success is within reach. But it requires self-belief, energy and commitment. If we have faith in our ability to solve problems and to rise to meet challenges, not only will we get to the finishing line, but the prize will be worth treasuring.

Tuesday June 13

Be Yourself

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What holds us back from experiencing the love we crave? Where does fear cause us to be less intuitive than we'd like to be? We're sold images of success and stories of grace in adverse circumstances. It's a lot to live up to. But few of us achieve much without having to conquer our anxieties and doubts. Today, as Venus links tensely with both Saturn and the Sun, being our authentic selves will feel scary. But if we're bold enough to express our individuality, there are positive gains to make.

Wednesday June 14

Che and Donald

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Revolutionary Che Guevara and President Donald Trump share a birthday today. They might not have much in common ideologically, but they were both political outsiders who beat the odds. As Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, slows to turn retrograde, questions are being raised about the philosophies we've been living by. It's never a good idea to abandon beliefs in the pursuit of personal gain. It's through being open to healthy compromises that we can work together, to build a better future.

Thursday June 15

A Single Mind

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Is single-mindedness a good thing? A strong sense of focus is a blessing when distractions threaten to derail progress. But our blinkers risk preventing us from engaging with other meaningful experiences. As Saturn slows to change direction and align with Jupiter, it's a time to question perspectives we've come to accept. Discipline and perseverance are important. But so are desire and enthusiasm. With careful planning we can make informed decisions that honour all these qualities.

Friday June 16

Gemini New Moon

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As this weekend's Gemini New Moon links tensely to Neptune (the planet of inspiration) an internal tug of war takes place. Sensible rationality is at odds with boundless imagination. Yet as Saturn, the Cosmic Teacher, turns retrograde, realism doesn't have to oppose ingenuity. Although intellectual curiosity is key to making progress, emotional intelligence ensures we move in the right direction. It's by embracing this duality that we can focus on creating a better future for everyone.

Saturday June 17

Your Weekly Horoscope

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This week brings the Solstice, the powerful celestial event that has been celebrated for millennia, when our source of energy, the Sun, appears to stand still in the sky. It's a cosmic invitation to reflect and re-energise. And with the Great Teacher, Saturn, turning retrograde, we can assimilate all we've recently learned and use our knowledge to create new paths into the future. If we trust ourselves to intuitively feel the way forward with renewed confidence, we can find sustaining ways to progress.

Sunday June 18

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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