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January 9 2023 to January 15 2023

Monday January 9

Message from the Stars

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Following retrograde Mercury's meeting with the Sun at the weekend new information is being brought to light - forcing us to re-evaluate and reassess our priorities. Since this is how the cosmos ensures that we're ready to make progress, there's no need to shoot any messengers, even if we don't exactly appreciate the message being delivered! It's by listening carefully, and watching for subtle signs and signals, that we'll find skilful ways to make adjustments that lead to lasting improvements.

Tuesday January 10

Tonight in Hollywood

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Tonight in Hollywood the red carpet will be rolled out as the stars arrive for the Golden Globes. Yet don't be surprised if we catch a glimpse of the reality that's normally hidden from view. Following Venus' links with Mars and Neptune, we can look beyond any picture-perfect scenarios to what's going on behind the scenes. Comparing ourselves to the social media portrayal of celebs often leads to feelings of insecurity. Awareness of the reality enables us to feel more confident, and to love ourselves more deeply, warts and all.

Wednesday January 11

Loudest Wins

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Some people think that shouting the loudest is the best way to win an argument. While it might make others back down, volume alone only ever brings temporary victory. Setting a good example, and diligently doing what's right might not be the way to grab the headlines, but, over time, it garners respect and has a much greater, more positive effect. As the Sun links with Jupiter, and Mars prepares to turn direct, attention-seekers will struggle to be taken seriously. Actions speak louder than words today.

Thursday January 12

Mars Rocket

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After months of moving backwards across our skies, the red planet, Mars, finally moves forwards today. So, as Jeff Bezos celebrates his birthday, he isn't the only one about to have access to a rocket! In the coming days, as sources of tension are released, we'll all experience a boost of energy and a sense of freedom. Yet, a feeling of joyfulness doesn't indicate that this is a joyride. It's by acting with purpose and choosing meaningful paths that we can start heading towards new, exciting destinations.

Friday January 13

Lucky for Some

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Fear of the number 13, triskaidekaphobia, is so commonplace that the number is often missed out on elevators and skyscraper floor plans. Yet who doesn't want the extra bread roll in a baker's dozen? With Mercury about to follow Mars and start moving forwards, a sense of momentum is building. While I wouldn't recommend walking under any ladders today, the Sun-Neptune alignment encourages us to believe in our dreams again. By valuing truth over illusion we can start making our own luck.

Saturday January 14

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Mercury (communication) turns direct this week in harmony with rebellious Uranus, which is preparing to do the same. On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, it's a celestial indication of change and hope. The skies promise innovative ways to share ideas that enable us to move challenging situations forwards, even though the answers might seem surprising. Although results might not be immediate, an awakening is taking place. Transformations leading to positive changes are possible.

Sunday January 15

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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