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April 3 2023 to April 9 2023

Monday April 3

Spicy Sprinkles

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The weekend's Venus and Mars link brought an extra sprinkling of emotional spice to the celestial mix. But while spice makes life taste more appetising, it's most effective when added in the right combination to the right ingredients. As Mercury (communication) enters earthy Taurus today it brings a more practical mindset and focuses our attention on our material circumstances. With the approaching Pink Moon, the cosmos provides the perfect conditions. Those spices can transform a dull menu into an appealing spread.

Tuesday April 4

Banking on the Future

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Will Mercury's move into Taurus be better news for the tech industry's banks? With an intense link to Aquarian Pluto, forward thinking and inventive approaches can uncover innovative ways to transform our vision for the future. We need to invest in sustainable policies. Agreements have to keep the bigger picture in mind: short-termism won't reveal the most profitable path for growth. Or inspire confidence. But as the Pink Moon approaches, there's every chance the books can be rebalanced to reflect a more positive outlook.

Wednesday April 5

Generous Hearts

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The approaching Pink Moon highlights the importance of emotional perspective. Sometimes, our passions make it difficult to take other people's feelings into account, or to realise the wider impact of our decisions. As the Sun closes in on bountiful Jupiter it encourages a wider view on how much energy we invest in the people we care about. We can afford to be generous with our hearts. And, as Mercury and Saturn align, we'll be able to appreciate what works, and where our attention is best focused.

Thursday April 6

Pink Moon Blossom

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Today's Pink Moon was named by Native Americans: its arrival coincides with trees bursting into blossom. And its appearance, in aesthetically pleasing Libra, suggests there's every chance that life can become more beautiful. Since studies reveal that we find beauty in symmetry, it's not surprising that our hearts also appreciate a sense of balance. The Libran Moon puts fairness into the cosmic spotlight. The more justifiable the positions we take, the greater the chance of finding encouraging support. It's teamwork time.

Friday April 7

A Good Friday?

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Will this Good Friday be a good Friday? The Pink Moon encouraged us to appreciate the natural beauty of our world. The weekend's link between the Sun and Saturn takes this a step further. It's time to look beyond the superficial and remember the old idiom: true beauty is more than skin deep. The Easter message of hope has the potential to impact our lives with tangible reasons to be optimistic. Acts of generosity have positive repercussions. Sharing our time (and our chocolate) is the perfect way to initiate change.

Saturday April 8

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Happy Easter! This week, the cosmic forces combine to reflect the message at the heart of the Easter celebrations: as Venus (love and pleasure) changes signs and harmonises with Pluto (the planet of transformation) new depths of compassion and understanding are possible. It's the perfect time for grand gestures and openhearted displays of generosity. If we show commitment to the people and causes we care about, that faith will be rewarded. It's chocolate giving (and sharing) time!

Sunday April 9

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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