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March 27 2023 to April 2 2023

Monday March 27

Small Print

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Having entered Gemini way back in August, as Mars settles into a new sector of the sky it becomes the final planet to join the March of Destiny. During the dynamic planet's stay in Cancer, we'll find ourselves less inclined to analyse and question, and more drawn towards acting on instinct. That's no bad thing, especially when life calls for bold, heartfelt choices. Yet as Mercury and Saturn align today, it's worth checking the small print before signing off any important decisions.

Tuesday March 28

Moral Compass

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Yesterday we talked about the importance of checking the small print. It's an especially valuable exercise because as Mercury and Jupiter combine today, it will be easy to get carried away by enthusiasm. That said, even if the route ahead doesn't come with a map, Jupiter provides a strong moral compass, plus a large slice of luck that will help us on our way. So although the Mars/Uranus relationship suggests that changes will be challenging, when new possibilities arise, they're still worth pursuing.

Wednesday March 29

More Speed

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Mars is currently running hot. The power planet has moved from a tricky relationship with rebellious Uranus to a productive one with communicative Mercury today. And it aligns harmoniously with determined Saturn tomorrow. It suggests that by clearly communicating our feelings, breakthroughs can be made. Although changes won't necessarily happen overnight, as Venus prepares to converge with Uranus before it too aligns with Mars, things start moving in the right direction... and speeding up!

Thursday March 30


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We don't need to fly to exotic destinations, visit art galleries or attend concerts to experience beauty. Like wildflowers that pop up between cracks in the pavement, the most beautiful aspects of life often emerge in unlikely places and in the most difficult conditions. As Venus and Uranus combine today, creativity, kindness and pleasing developments arrive in unexpected ways to illuminate a vision for the future that looks bright. This is more than just a passing fancy. It's the inspiration to feel and do better.

Friday March 31

April Fools

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'Love makes fools of us all, big and little', said William Makepeace Thackeray. As April Fools arrives tomorrow, my son (little) and I (big) can start putting carefully designed pranks into action. Of course, if one thing's more likely to make us look foolish than love, it's believing that even the best-laid plans will move forwards without a hitch! But if something proves surprising this weekend, it's not designed to make us feel silly. It's an opportunity to reach out and realise how much love our hearts can take.

Saturday April 1

Your April Monthly Horoscope

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April brings a Blue Solar Eclipse. It might only be visible in Australia and South East Asia, but it affects us all. Although it's not blue in colour (it's named because it's the second Aries New Moon this year) it's still rare and powerful. And its relationship with Jupiter and Pluto heightens its effects. The Eclipse heralds the start of a rewarding cosmic cycle. While Mercury's retrogradation means we need to be able to adapt our plans, adventures embarked on this month will be successful.

Sunday April 2

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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