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March 6 2023 to March 12 2023

Monday March 6

JFK Moment

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At the start of 2023, when looking at the astrological events ahead, we talked about the March of Destiny. When Saturn, the Great Cosmic Teacher, leaves Aquarius tomorrow, it fires the starting gun on this monumental celestial shift. As it enters Pisces it brings JFK's challenge to mind: 'Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country'. Except, it's not 'the state', but a state of mind we need to consider. In sacrificing our own needs, we can build a bright future together.

Tuesday March 7

Opening Door

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Yesterday we talked about making sacrifices in service of creating a brighter, shared future. This doesn't mean losing things we care about. It involves recognising where sleeves must be rolled up and where work needs to be done. As the Full Moon arrives, if we're passionate about the direction we need to take, we can create the connections needed to open doors. With Saturn bringing experience, determination, and structure into imaginative Pisces, this change of focus will prove inspirational.

Wednesday March 8

International Women's Day

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Happy International Women's Day! Following the Full Moon's links with Mars (a planet traditionally associated with masculine themes) it's exciting to trumpet female achievements - especially when Saturn in Pisces emphasises collective thinking and working sensitively for the greater good. Of course, anyone, whatever their gender, can be individualistic. But, by persevering with core beliefs and refusing to compromise our better natures, we can work together to help beautiful ideas become reality.

Thursday March 9

R.I.P. Mystic Meg

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How sad to hear that Mystic Meg has died. Her unique style and approach to astrology had such a huge impact on our lives. She made the stars mainstream. With her inimitable flair and amazing voice, she brought astrology onto our TV screens in a delightful, entertaining way. As she moves on into the unknowable realm that lies beyond, let's hope she can mystically continue to guide us. Our heartfelt condolences go to her surviving loved ones and the many people who will miss her insight. Her legacy lives on.

Friday March 10


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As Hollywood gears up for the Academy Awards, the Venus/Mars link reminds us that there's nothing wrong with healthy competition. Friendly rivalries can spur us on to heights we might not otherwise reach. Of course, we have to be careful that harmless contests don't evolve into obsessions with success. This weekend, innovative Uranus brings the insight to be gracious. Whether we're winning or going about our business without acclaim, with self-acceptance we can all feel like prize-winners.

Saturday March 11

Oscars weekend

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Although it's Oscars weekend, I can't claim any credit for the sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. As the stars in LA hoist themselves into dresses, tuxedos (and maybe some protective gear... remember last year's Will Smith drama?) for some, it will be the night of their dreams. Yet, this week, we less glam folk will have chances to grab the spotlight too. With the Sun, Neptune and Mercury all converging, we can all shine brightly. Venus's move suggests we'll feel more rich and powerful too.

Sunday March 12

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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