Jonathan Cainer's Mobile Horoscopes
Sat, 30 Jan 2016

Your February Monthly Forecast: The work ethic is deeply ingrained in too many of us. We feel guilty about taking it easy and not simply because we are concerned about what others may think. We don't feel good about ourselves unless we feel that we can say, with our hands on our heart, that we have done our level best. Yet if we truly seek the ability to rise to any challenge, our skill set surely needs to include mastering the art of inner confidence. Trust your own sense of entitlement this month and the cosmos will yet grant you a great boon.

Now, I've just updated the introduction to your Guide to the Future with a special Valentine focus on Venus, the love planet and the position it held in the sky on the day that you were born! What does this mean about your emotional and romantic needs? What's going to happen to you? And for a limited time there's 20% OFF too. Download yours here

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