Jonathan Cainer's Mobile Horoscopes
Sat, 01 Feb 2014

Your February Monthly Forecast: Sometimes, we wonder why we bother. We go to so much effort. We strive so hard. And for what? It often seems as if we are wasting our time. People who sit around doing next to nothing, taking hardly any care, seem to do just as well! Why should we uphold the standards that seem to be such a rarity these days? The answer is that we don't have a choice. Noble folk, like you, are obliged to do the best they can at all times - regardless of whether or not it 'pays'. And this month such dedication will pay in every sense.

Don't miss the important news in your special February video forecast. Many people say that my audio and video forecasts are the most accurate they have encountered. They are free for 14 days and you can only get them here!

Please note that a Mobile App for the iPhone is available on the iTunes Store and one for Android phones on the Android Market, just search for 'Cainer'.

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